Rock Steady Boxing of Brownsburg


Here at Rock Steady Boxing we offer classes designed for people battling Parkinson’s disease (PD) and family fitness classes designed to encourage overall health and wellness for you and your family. You could box anywhere, but when you box here, you are helping fight a bigger battle.  Your support directly impacts our core mission of helping people with PD.  We are a community of friends and family looking to improve our quality of life and achieve our individual fitness goals. 

Rock Steady Boxing

Rock Steady Boxing classes are those created to help improve mobility, strength, and confidence in those who are battling Parkinson’s disease. Come to Rock Steady Boxing Brownsburg if you have PD and are looking for a great fitness program designed with you in mind.  Our Core mission is fighting back against our Parkinson’s opponent.

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Family Fundamentals

Family Fundamentals is an introductory course for families who are just starting their fitness journey, are new to boxing, or are looking for a regular boxing class to attend.  This 60-minute class is for beginners, providing time to teach boxing technique and accommodate to younger children.  These family friendly classes are designed for adults and children ~7 and older.

Power 45

Power 45 is a more advanced class designed for those families who are already familiar with the boxing form and techniques.  This 45-minute higher intensity class is suited for those who have become acclimated to the boxing techniques.

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